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ReVamp is coming here


BUT THEYRE NOT HEADLINING AND I DONT KNOW ANY OF THE MAIN BANDS MUSIC (the main band being Iced Earth). It’s only 15 bucks (or so the venue site says. That’s probably for the crappy seats)… But I don’t know if I should go. I don’t know how long ReVamps set will be. It’s just that I know ReVamp will never come here on their own. Not even the most popular bands come here. Has anybody else seen them on the Iced Earth tour? PLEASE TELL ME IF ITS WORTH IT TO GO JUST FOR THEM.

I went to a Kamelot headlining gig just for ReVamp, who were supporting, and I didn’t know Kamelot at all. ReVamp are amazing and Floor’s voice live and her amazing stage presence are something words cannot describe. It’s surely worth going just for them, trust me!